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"If you have never attended a clinical psychologist before you might be a bit apprehensive and not sure what to expect. A lot people feel this way. Let me try and reassure you, if I can, by telling you a little bit about what to expect. At our first appointment we will meet for approximately ninety minutes and I will ask some questions to understand what’s troubling you. I may also ask you to complete some specialised questionnaires to help me to better understand how you are feeling. At the end of our first appointment it should be clear as to the best way forward. If it seems that I can help then we can discuss whether you would like to attend for a course of therapy. This would typically mean meeting for a number of sessions of focused psychological therapy aimed at overcoming the problems identified."


David McCormack










£150 for the first 90 minute assessment session

£100 for a 60 minute therapy session

Summary letters to GPs and medical specialists are free of charge. If you require a detailed psychological report, for example as part of a court case, then please get in touch for an estimate.





Appointments take place in a comfortable consulting room in leafy south Belfast. The first appointment takes approximately 90 minutes and subsequent therapy sessions typically last 60 minutes. 


Please see the Contact page for the clinic location and for directions. 



Clinical Psychologist

Dr. David McCormack 



Dr David McCormack

Clinical Psychologist 



Malone Medical Chambers,

142 Malone Road,

Belfast, BT9 5LH


office: 028 9600 2429